Grant Trotter

Personal Trainer - Atlanta Georgia

• Resistance Training

- Understand proper exercise form, selection and appropriate intensity.

• Aerobics & Anaerobics

- Learn what exercise frequency, intensity, type and time is necessary to meet your goals.

• Goal Setting

- Set subjective and objective goals with realistic timelines.

• Accountability & Motivation

- Make fitness a priority by scheduling gym time and avoiding prolonged absences. Consistency is the key to lifelong fitness.

• Flexibility & Mobility

- Learn stretching, mobility exercises, foam rolling, and self-myofascial release.

• Nutrition & Supplementation

- There are a lot opinions and options out there. Together we can make a plan that suits your goals and lifestyle.

• Education & Experience

- BSEd in Exercise & Sport Science from the University of Georgia. NSCA - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) 12+ years in the industry.

• Rate & Sessions

- Currently offering prepaid package of 10 & 20 sessions. Hourly rate is $70-$85 depending on training frequency, location, and package size. All new clients are offered one complimentary trial session.